College of Science College of Mines and Earth Sciences

P.M.S.T. (Professional Master of Science and Technology)

  • Have an advanced understanding of science, which will include advanced coursework in instrumentation, biotechnology, computational analysis, or environmental science.
  • Be able to evaluate and synthesize research literature on topics within their areas of specialization.
  • Have skills necessary to be successful in specific careers that require masters-level experience and training in science, as well as experience in business, management, and communication (for example, positions in industries, governmental agencies, for-profit and non-profit organizations, etc.).
  • Be able to communicate effectively to a variety of audiences within and outside of the field of science.
  • Be able to propose, organize, and conduct projects in the workplace which apply scientific skills and business and/or management skills to define and address a specific problem.
  • Students in the PMST Program complete an internship project which enables them to apply the learning objectives of our program. The following four learning outcomes relate specifically to the internship.
  • Estimate resources and the timeline necessary to accomplish the internship.
  • Evaluate and conduct the business, management, and/or communication aspects of the internship.
  • Understand the science behind the internship and apply sound scientific expertise to the project.
  • Bring the internship to a successful completion, and describe at a final presentation and in a final report the significance of the project to the sponsors and supervisory committee.