College of Fine Arts

Master of Arts in Teaching – Fine Arts (MAT)

  • The Candidate creates developmentally appropriate and challenging arts learning experiences based on each student’s strengths and needs.
  • The Candidate collaborates with families, colleagues, and other community professionals to promote student development utilizing the arts as a base of inspiration.
  • The Candidate implements authentic formative and summative assessment strategies that are aligned with selected arts teaching strategies and methods.
  • The Candidate creates a learning culture that encourages risk taking in the creative process for individual learners to advance their own understanding and knowledge.
  • The Candidate collaborates with students to establish a positive learning climate of openness, respect, support, and inquiry by utilizing a variety of classroom management strategies, such as cuing, proximity, call/response, and movement.
  • The Candidate knows the content of the art discipline and conveys accurate information and concepts.
  • The Candidate engages students in applying methods of inquiry.
  • The Candidate understands and practices a range of developmentally, culturally, and artistically appropriate instructional strategies.