This site connects you to expected learning outcomes (ELOs) for all degree programs offered by the University of Utah, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Each set of ELOs has been developed by the faculty of the academic department or program offering the degree.

An expected learning outcome is a formal statement of the body of knowledge, practical skills and higher-order thinking skills that a student is expected to master by the time the degree is conferred. Mastery of learning outcomes can be shown by actions that are taken by the student that are both observable and measurable.

Students can use these statements to gain a high-level understanding of the expectations of the faculty. This communication of expectations serves as an aid to prospective students in choosing an appropriate degree program to pursue. Students can also use these statements to ensure that they complete their mastery of the knowledge and skills during their studies.

Professors can use these statements to improve the academic quality of their degree programs. This is done by collecting evidence of learning outcomes (student work) and comparing it against the ELOs to identify potential weaknesses in the curriculum. The university maintains the highest possible academic standards by engaging in a continuous cycle of expressing ELOs, evaluation of the evidence, and making any necessary changes to the curriculum.

Questions regarding Campus-wide Learning Outcomes and Learning Outcomes Assessment should be directed to Mark St Andre (mark.standre@utah.edu) in the Office of Learning Outcomes Assessment.