David Eccles School of Business


B.S. in Management

Program Purpose

The undergraduate business program exists to prepare students to serve as effective and ethical business leaders. The program emphasizes instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and technological savvy in our students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Expanded knowledge – A thorough understanding and critical analysis of the functional areas of business combined with an appreciation of the wisdom gained by studying a broad range of academic disciplines and by interacting with a diverse student body and faculty.
  • Effective communication – An ability to write and speak clearly and to work within group settings in order to effectively accomplish personal and professional goals
  • Professional integrity – Guidance on the importance of values and ethics in business, which, in turn, helps students develop their own sense of professional integrity.
  • Global perspective – An understanding of the economic and social implications of doing business globally.
  • E-business savvy – A foundation in the business of technology and an ability to use technology for knowledge and analysis.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit – A provision of the right mix of traditional classroom experience and new venture idealism applied to small and large corporate settings.