David Eccles School of Business

Operations and Information Systems

M.S. in Information Systems

Program Purpose

The purpose of the degree is to prepare students for their pursuit of careers or more advanced studies in information systems with specialized foci on business intelligence and analytics, product and process management, software and systems architecture and IT security.

Learning Outcomes

  • Leadership

    • Principle-based technology leadership

    • Ability to motivate and lead work groups and project teams

    • Ability to manage work groups and project teams

    • Ability to manage technology unit in organizations

  • Strategic Decision Making

    • Strategic decision-making ability

    • Ability to analyze important technology issues strategically

  • Communication

    • Develop good interpersonal communication skills

    • Ability to write professionally and present orally in order to effectively accomplish personal and professional goals

  • Ethics

    • Demonstrate integrity in personal and professional practices

    • Understand importance of ethical behaviors in work context

  • IT knowledge and Problem Solving

    • Demonstrate competency in general IS knowledge

    • Demonstrate competency in at least one IS specialty area such as data-driven business analytics and IT security

    • Ability to develop creative technological solutions and lead changes

  • Technology Entrepreneurship

    • Ability to commercialize IT-based solutions

    • Develop skills to determine the right mix of exploitation and experimentation of technology resources to satisfy the needs of a firm

    • Ability to take appropriate technology-related risks while managing existing ones.