College of Architecture and Planning

School of Architecture

M.S. in Architectural Studies

Program Purpose

The Master of Architectural Studies is for those students who do not wish to practice as professional architects, but whose future profession may be closely allied with architecture; or for those students who wish to pursue research and continue on to additional graduate work beyond the Master’s level. The Historic Preservation track is intended to equip students with the communication, analytical, planning and design skills that foster stewardship of a sustainable built environment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Historic Preservation Track: Identify the historic significance of buildings and their character-defining features and incorporate them into the preservation and reuse strategies commonly found in contemporary practice.
  • Historic Preservation Track: Develop the necessary processes used to document and list buildings on local, state and national historic registers.
  • Historic Preservation Track: Analyze construction systems and assemblies used during certain historic periods, to diagnose their condition and recommend appropriate treatments in order to either stabilize or replace in kind depending on condition.
  • Historic Preservation Track: Understand how preservation and reuse of buildings can contribute to community revitalization including issues of social equity, density, gentrification, open space preservation, transportation, law and land use policies.
  • Historic Preservation Track: Understand the financial mechanisms and incentives that are available to enhance the economic feasibility of preserving and reusing historic and older buildings for contemporary purposes.
  • Architectural Technology Track: Understand construction and energy efficiency through building performance, lifecycle, and post-occupancy assessments.
  • Architectural Technology Track: Understand and utilize the principles of passive design.
  • Architectural Technology Track: Analyze the research and development of processes and products of construction.
  • Architectural Technology Track: o Analyze and design engineering innovations in wood architecture.