David Eccles School of Business


M.R.E.D. (Master of Real Estate Development)

Program Purpose

The MRED continues the tradition of the College of Business to meet the needs of modern society through collaborative graduate education options. Real estate is a particularly multi-disciplinary profession involving management, finance, planning, and analytic skills applied to social, political, and economic processes. As growth and development needs mount especially in Utah and the Mountain West, more professionals will be needed who can create collaborations among disciplines, institutions, and the public. The purpose of the MRED is thus to produce graduates capable of performing rigorous analysis about real estate needs, trends, and opportunities who are also able to work engage constructively in political and social environments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Market analysis
  • Net present value analysis
  • Knowledge of information tools for real estate analysis
  • Knowledge of project planning
  • Knowledge of urban development methods