David Eccles School of Business


M.H.A. (Master of Healthcare Administration)

Program Purpose

The MHA degree will provide advanced and specialized professional preparation for students wishing to enter positions in healthcare administration. The degree will prepare students for administrative, policy, and planning positions in both the public and private sectors. It will prepare the to deal with the complex and rapidly changing world of healthcare delivery in which access, quality, and efficiency must be balanced. A variety of career options exist for graduates, from joining a large healthcare system, to working in information technology supporting the delivery of healthcare, to promoting an entrepreneurial venture with medical technology.

Learning Outcomes

  • At the most global level, program success will be evaluated by examination of student placements and career progression

    after graduation. Thus, statistics for graduating students such as number of interviews, number of job offers, and number of job placements with healthcare organizations will be tracked. Additionally, feedback from employers hiring graduates will be sought on a regular basis.

  • With regard to specific analytical skills and expertise, students┬┐ performance in MHA courses will be monitored every semester by their advisor. The MHA Advisory Board will play a critical role in reviewing the program. The employers and healthcare professional members of the board will provide perspective on the ability of graduates to contribute to healthcare organizations. The faculty and student members of the board will provide assessment of student performance data and student course evaluations. The full board will make recommendations on any needed curricular improvements. As the degree moves through the accreditation process, input from the CAHME advisors will be considered with regard to appropriate curriculum modifications.