College of Architecture and Planning

School of Architecture

B.S. in Architectural Studies

Program Purpose

The undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies is a pre-professional degree in architecture that provides an academic foundation from which an individual might develop a career in one of the many aspects of the building industry. For those seeking advanced work on the graduate level, it also provides a thorough preparation for the professionally accredited Master of Architecture.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students are expected to have developed a fundamental understanding of the values of architectural and urban design, its standards of measurement and an ability to communicate those values in verbal, written and graphic form.
  • Students will understand the historic evolution of architectural design and the environmental and contextual influences that shape its development. They will have a respect for diversity and the relationship between human behavior and the physical environment. They will understand the fundamental role of the architect in society and their ethical responsibility to sustain and preserve the environment within which they construct.
  • Students will have developed skills of composition, theoretical perception, critical thinking and the qualitative assessment of design. This will be demonstrated through design problem solving including the integration and rudimentary understanding of building technical systems. The design skills will demonstrate urban context evaluation, site design, building program development and concept design leading to a level of design development.
  • Students will understand the technical attributes of building design including structural systems, environmental controls, sustainability strategies, strength and appropriateness of materials and constructability.