College of Science


B.A. in Mathematics Teaching

Program Purpose

The Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Teaching prepares students for a career teaching Mathematics in secondary schools. Students completing the program will have a deep understanding of mathematics and will be able to adjust their teaching to the level of the students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will have an understanding of central concepts, major results, and connections between mathematical topics, particularly those related to secondary mathematics education.
  • Students will understand the structure of the discipline and tools of inquiry; in particular, they will have a clear understanding of the problem solving process, and be able to utilize it in novel situations.
  • Students will develop multiple representations of major concepts and relationships, as well as examples and algorithms which pertain to secondary mathematics curriculum.
  • Students will be able to communicate mathematics effectively, and be able to analyze the reasoning of others to determine its mathematical accuracy.
  • Students will develop understanding of how mathematical knowledge is acquired, and use it together with their knowledge of content and secondary mathematics curriculum to develop effective lessons.
  • Students will meet State requirements for the Level 4 Mathematics Endorsement, allowing students to teach all math classes at the junior high and high school level.
  • Students will meet State requirements for secondary licensure.
  • Students will be proficient in a second language.