School of Dentistry


D.D.S. Doctor of Dental Surgery

Program Purpose

Learning Outcomes

  • Patient Assessment/Diagnosis /Treatment Plan/Prognosis/Informed Consent
  • Screening & Risk Assessment for Head/Neck Cancer
  • Recognition of Complexity of Patient Treatment / Recognizing When Referral Is Indicated
  • Health Promotion / Disease Prevention Counseling
  • Local Anesthesia, and Pain / Anxiety Control
  • Restoration Of Teeth to Proper Form, Function, and Esthetics
  • Communicating And Managing Dental Laboratory Procedures In Support Of Patient Care
  • Replacement Of Teeth Including Fixed, Removable, and Dental Implant Prosthodontic Therapies
  • Periodontal Therapy
  • Pulpal Therapy
  • Management of Oral Mucosal And Osseous Disorders
  • Hard And Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Management of Dental Emergencies
  • Malocclusion and Dental Space Management
  • Evaluation Of The Outcomes Of Treatment, Recall Strategies, And Prognosis.