College of Mines and Earth Sciences

Geology and Geophysics

M.S. for Secondary School Teachers in Earth Science

Program Purpose

The Masters of Science for Secondary School Teachers program is designed to provide experienced, practicing teachers with a deeper understanding of content and content-based pedagogical knowledge to improve their teaching practice. It builds depth in the areas of geology, geophysics, chemistry, ecology, meteorology, and astronomy and fulfills the requirements of the Utah State Office of Education for endorsements in Earth Science, Physical Science and Integrated Science. The program consists of coursework, a summer research project and a final master project designed to give teachers first-hand knowledge of the scientific process.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate mastery of the geosciences, chemistry, physics, astronomy, biology, ecology, and atmospheric sciences that allow them to meet State requirements for Secondary Science Endorsements in Earth Science and Integrated Science.
  • Understand the nature and origin of the materials that make up the Earth.
  • Understand the dynamic processes that operate within the Earth from its deep interior to the surface.
  • Understand geologic time and how it is measured.
  • Understand the geologic evolution of the Earth and the development and evolution of life on Earth.
  • Develop a first-hand understanding of science practices and skills and translate those experiences into their classroom teaching.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic geologic field skills.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the scientific literature, and skill in oral and written communication of scientific results.
  • Ability to engage in lifelong learning and understanding of the need to do so.