College of Social and Behavioral Science


M.Stat. in Econometrics

Program Purpose

The Master of Statistics in Econometrics in the Department of Economics in the College of Social and Behavioral Science is designed to provide training for work in applied statistics relating to problems in economic theory and forecasting.Coursework in the MStat core is specifically focused on the development of skills in statistical modeling and analysis. Elective coursework allows each student to develop their understanding of the specific theoretical or policy sub-fields to which they will apply their econometrics skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • To formulate researchable economics questions in an independent manner and to analyze information through the application of statistical/econometric methods.
  • To locate and evaluate in a critical manner relevant statistical data sources for a research project.
  • To disseminate results in a clear and coherent manner to other researchers, employers, coworkers, and to the general public.
  • To critically evaluate research reports or scholarly articles written by others.