College of Social Work

Social Work

Ph.D. in Social Work

Program Purpose

Ph.D. Program Goals and Objectives: Faculty at the College of Social Work share the principal goal of the Ph.D. Program, which is to prepare students to contribute to the development of knowledge in the field of social welfare and the profession of social work. Specifically, the Ph.D. Program seeks to achieve the following objectives: Provide students with applied knowledge and analytical skills to address major policy and practice issues, challenges, and trends in social welfare. Prepare students for leadership roles as scholar-change agents, addressing, analyzing, evaluating, and guiding practice and policy for social work fields and populations such as children and family services, welfare, aging, disabilities, health, and mental health. Equip students for knowledge development, utilization and dissemination, and for practice design, development, and evaluation using traditional and emerging research methods. Prepare students for instructional leadership in academic and practice contexts for the development and delivery of courses, curricula, and programs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate expertise in a chosen substantive area related to social work and possess the skills needed to disseminate this knowledge through grant writing, publication, and conference presentations.
  • Design, conduct, and disseminate further research that is methodologically sound, empirically based, theoretically grounded, culturally responsive, and advances social work knowledge.
  • Describe their philosophy of teaching and demonstrate the skills necessary to teach effectively.
  • Perform critical policy analyses that address and help find solutions to the issues and challenges faced by the individuals, groups, and communities served by social work.