College of Science

Physics and Astronomy

M.S. in Physics and Astronomy

Program Purpose

The M.S. program in Physics and Astronomy is a professional graduate program for well-qualified graduate students seeking advanced training for research in all areas of physics and astronomy. The program prepares the student for the professional practice in academia, research or industry the fields of Physics or Astronomy. The program also prepares the student for qualification for a Ph.D degree program in Physics and Astronomy.

Learning Outcomes

  • Have an advanced understanding of the main branches of physics, namely classical mechanics, classical electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical dynamics, solid state physics, atom physics and high energy physics
  • Be able to evaluate and synthesize research literature on topics within their areas of specialization.
  • Be able to conduct research that contributes to knowledge in that area.
  • Complete an independent research project in Physics or Astronomy.
  • Write effectively about topics in physics and astronomy, making well-organized arguments supported by relevant evidence.
  • Have the training to be successful in careers that require masters-level training in physics and astronomy (for example, positions in companies, community college instructor, etc. ).