College of Education

Special Education

B.S. in Special Education

Program Purpose

The mission of the program is to prepare competent professionals and citizen advocates to serve individuals with disabilities and their families in educational and community settings. The program is designed to equip teacher candidates with the knowledge and skills to create improvements in the education and lives of individuals with disabilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • understand the historical and legal factors that have contributed to the current educational context for student with disabilities and their families.
  • conduct appropriate assessments and determine student learning needs.
  • develop and implement appropriate instructional programming for students using empirically validated strategies.
  • collect data on student performance and make data-based decisions about instructional modifications.
  • communicate and collaborate effectively with professional colleagues and parents and family members to maximize positive outcomes for students.
  • continue to stay abreast of current research and developments in relevant fields and apply that knowledge to their current practice.