College of Education

Educational Psychology

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology

Program Purpose

The Ph.D. in Educational Psychology is awarded to students who are becoming independent professional practitioners and who are eligible to become licensed as psychologists, or to individuals who are becoming independent developers of new knowledge (i.e., research) in educational psychology. This degree assumes that the recipient will be able to make significant contributions to the academic field or professional community after graduation.

Learning Outcomes

  • A comprehensive knowledge of educational psychology within the student’s programmatic area of specialization.
  • A knowledge of issues related to professional practice and ethics related to the student’s programmatic area of specialization.
  • Additional competencies that may be required by the student’s programmatic area (e.g., areas of professional or research specialization, competency in supervision or leadership, or preparation for specialized roles). These competencies vary by programmatic area.
  • The ability to integrate knowledge in the student’s programmatic area, as demonstrated by the successful completion of preliminary examinations or projects.
  • The ability to conduct research in an advanced fashion, and demonstrated by successful defense of the doctoral dissertation.