School of Medicine

Human Genetics

Ph.D. in Human Genetics

Program Purpose

Our program provides outstanding training for a Ph.D. degree in genetics, with special emphasis on human and developmental genetics. We seek to train scientists who have a critical and broad understanding of the many facets of genetics. Training is primarily provided through research in a productive and stimulating laboratory environment. This individualized training is supplemented with a range of opportunities to learn many diverse aspects of genetics through organized journal clubs, joint group meetings, special topics courses, lecture courses, seminar series, and departmental retreats. Our goal is to prepare students for a range of academic, government, and commercial positions that demand independence, critical skills, and research experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should demonstrate a broad understanding of genetics.
  • Students should demonstrate a deep understanding of at least one area of contemporary genetic research.
  • Students should be able to critically evaluate contemporary research literature and research programs.
  • Students should be able to develop and defend, in writing and orally, an original research proposal in genetics.
  • Students should accomplish original research that provides new insights to basic biomedical processes.
  • Students should be prepared to design, justify, and conduct novel genetic research with a high degree of independence.