School of Medicine


Ph.D. in Biochemistry

Program Purpose

The program prepares students to be independent scientists in the general area of biochemistry and molecular/physical life sciences. Students should develop deep knowledge about at least one area of biochemistry, skills to critically evaluate research literature and proposals, and a portfolio of significant research accomplishments. Students should be prepared to conduct independent research, for example as a postdoctoral and subsequent independent position, and for a range of academic, government, and commercial positions that demand a high level of independence and evaluative skills.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should demonstrate a broad understanding of molecular and physical approaches to studies of the life sciences.
  • Students should demonstrate a deep understanding of at least one area of contemporary biochemical research.
  • Students should be able to critically evaluate contemporary research literature and research programs.
  • Students should be able to develop and defend, in writing and orally, an original research proposal in the broad area of biochemistry.
  • Students should accomplish original research that provides new insights to biochemical processes.
  • Students should be prepared to design, justify, and conduct novel biochemical research with a high degree of independence.