College of Education

Educational Leadership and Policy

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy

Program Purpose

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) students are expected to develop expertise in theory and research related to educational leadership and/or policy. This program is designed especially for those who seek careers as university professors, researchers, or research and policy analysts in educational agencies. In pursuit of these aims, students will complete course work in four distinct domains: educational leadership, research methods, and allied field plus independent research in the form of a dissertation.

Learning Outcomes

  • For the PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy the learning outcomes are:

    Students will develop expertise in theory and research related to issues of educational leadership, organizations and policy.

    Students will develop expertise in an allied field (i.e., a field informs and is related to their topic/discipline of interest) by successfully completing the specified number of credit hours required by the Allied Field components found in the PhD program of study.

    Students will gain an understanding of the culture and expectations associated with the role of research professor and/or policy analyst through consistent and successful participation in the socializing experiences provided by the Department as articulated in its PhD.

    Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize the knowledge and skills needed to produce a piece of independent research, including adequate integration of this knowledge base into the dissertation proposal and dissertation as determined by the student’s dissertation committee.