College of Education

Educational Leadership and Policy

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy

Program Purpose

The Doctor of Education (EdD.) Program is designed to provide advanced preparation to individuals with experience working as educators and administrators in schools, colleges and universities, or related educational organizations. Based on a model of professional inquiry, the Ed.D. Program emphasizes the use of theory in directing its field based approach to problem solving. Students will study theoretical frameworks and research methods in the core domains of organization, leadership, and policy, and in selected areas of specialization. They will use the knowledge gained in these areas of study to frame problems of administrative practice and to seek, critically examine, and apply information to solve problems.

Learning Outcomes

  • For the EdD in Educational Leadership and Policy the learning outcomes are:

    Students will demonstrate the ability to use theory to understand, inform and critically frame problems of practice.

    Students will demonstrate the ability to synthesize knowledge from the multiple domains of educational leadership and policy through skills practice in research and data analysis to address a contemporary and relevant problem of practice.