College of Education

Education, Culture and Society

Ph.D. in Education, Culture and Society

Program Purpose

The Ph.D. is an advanced research degree intended to provide students with the intellectual background and research skills of a scholar. It is designed to equip students with theoretical and methodological tools they need to teach courses on educational policy and practice with an emphasis on social justice in education and to carry out research focused on but not limited to questions about class, race, ethnicity, gender and/or sexuality in educational policy and practice in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary settings and/or in family, community, and alternative educational contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will acquire an understanding of mainstream and critical theoretical and epistemological frameworks for examining issues related to questions about diversity, equity, and power in formal and informal educational settings at the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary levels.
  • Students will develop a thorough knowledge of relevant theories and empirical research in his or her area of research expertise.
  • Students will acquire knowledge of the conceptual issues underpinning inquiry in education and of how modes of data collection and analysis work in concert with the theoretical assumptions that guide inquiry.
  • Students doing empirical research will acquire the methodological tools for conceptualizing research, designing research studies, and carrying out the various phases of inquiry.
  • Students will complete an original, in-depth piece of research that demonstrates interdisciplinary and multi-racial approaches to the theoretical and/or empirical examination of educational issues in institutional, family, and community settings.