College of Fine Arts


M.F.A. in Ballet

Program Purpose

The Department of Ballet M.F.A. program is currently not accepting new students and will be revised prior to reactivation in accordance with accreditation requirements. Our M.F.A. degrees have focused on three major areas: Teaching/Choreography, Character Dance and In Studio based Research. Our M.F.A. is a 61 credit hour terminal degree requiring 4 semesters of residency. The Teaching/Choreography and Character emphasis is a non-thesis program. The In-Studio Research requires a thesis. There is an outline of courses for each emphasis however we also encourage flexibility. Some Graduate Candidates come to us with areas they wish to explore and believe will help them gain employment. An example is, the students who wish to include some business courses into their program because they plan to open their own dancing school. After a graduate candidate chooses an emphasis, they meet with a committee of three faculty members to design their course of study. The curriculum includes intensive study though seminars in the Art of Making Dances, Reading Dance, Pas de Deux and Pointe Methodologies, and Teaching Practicum. The Research emphasis includes: thesis proposal and Writing for Publications. The Character emphasis includes: Character Repertoire and Analysis and Perspectives in Character Dance. The M.F.A. programs are challenging and require intense study to accomplish the degree in four semesters (2 years). The students must maintain a GPA of 3.0.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students realize there isn't a terminal degree for a teacher and our program encourages them to plan on a lifetime of learning. Our M.F.A. program continues their physical dance development but most important it stretches their intellectual view of this art. This prepares them for future work in an academic setting or into areas that demand a greater sense of exploration as to the reasoning needed to teach ballet, character, jazz, modern dance, pointe, pas de deux. This could be positions of Artistic Director, Ballet Master/Mistress or other related company jobs such as: marketing, publicity, archivist and human resources. They learn the importance of being verbally proficient with excellent writing skills, the ability to deliver their point of view in the classroom or to other scholars. Further they gain understanding the world is small and ballet/dance introduces us to many different cultures, thus we must be able to effectively communicate with differing points of view.

    The M.F.A. program is not currently accepting new students. It will be revised and reaccredited prior to reactivation.

  • Upon graduation from our M.F.A. program our students are ready to work in universities and colleges in America and other nations.