College of Architecture and Planning

City & Metropolitan Planning

B.A. in Urban Ecology

Program Purpose

The undergraduate degree in Urban Ecology provides students with unique interdisciplinary academic training in the ecological, infrastructural, building and cultural systems that shape human settlements, with the goal of maximizing the vitality, ecological health, and resilience of places and communities. Graduates of the program will possess the foundational knowledge and skills needed for understanding the complexity of the social, environmental and economic relationships of urban systems and for improving these systems. They will be prepared to pursue careers in fields such as community and economic development, environmental and sustainability planning, urban planning, public health, public policy, and public administration. Graduates will also be well positioned to pursue graduate studies in a range of fields including urban planning, law, and business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the relationships between social, environmental and economic systems and their role in shaping and managing human settlements.
  • Show ability in analyzing spatial, qualitative and quantitative data to address real world problems.
  • Demonstrate competency in written, visual and oral presentation skills.
  • Understand the scientific basis of the environmental challenges and opportunities of human settlements in the 21st Century.
  • Collaborate effectively across multiple planning, design, and scientific disciplines.
  • Understand the history, form, and theory of human settlements.